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  • Where can I see your furniture in person?
    Quinn Peaks is located in Westgate Shopping Mall, on the First Floor - Inside the Pop Up Market. We are open 7 days a week from 10:00am to 8:00pm and we look forward to serving you!
  • What if I need help selecting something that will fit in my space?
    Quinn Peaks's dedicated sales staff are trained to help make sure that your furniture choices are correct for your home
  • Do you visit site to take measurements?
    Our dedicated staff members are trained to come and undertake site visits at a small fee to make sure that your furniture choices are a correct fit for your home. Contact our Customer Service Department for more details
  • What type of payments do you accept?
    All of our customers can purchase items using Cash, Card, Cheque or Mpesa
  • What are your payment terms?
    Our payment terms are strictly 80% upon confirmation of the order and 20% before delivery
  • Can you customise sizes?
    Where possible, we are able to customise the sizes of our designs according to clients needs and preferences. However, for these instances please do contact our customer service team for further information before placing an order
  • How long until I expect my item to be delivered?
    We strive to have our orders delivered within 4-5weeks, however for custom sizes and fit outs this may vary depending on the complexity of the order. Our customer service team will be in touch throughout the order
  • Will everything in my order ship at the same time?
    We strive to do an excellent job to deliver all items at once, however in exceptional circumstances where we expect to deliver longer than estimated our customer service will be in touch
  • Can I set a specific delivery date and time?
    Our customer service department will be in touch once your items are ready for delivery to schedule a delivery date and time. Once this is set, we will provide you with a 2 hour time frame in which you can expect your items to be delivered - we are unable to provide specific delivery times due to variables such as traffic etc. In an effort to be as eco friendly as possible and continue delivering low prices to all of our customers, we route our drivers with the most fuel-efficient routes possible and no preferred order of delivery can be guaranteed.
  • What can I do to make my delivery as smooth as possible?
    We will appreciate it if you can inform your security team way in advance to expect our delivery. Upon request, our customer service team can share details of the vehicle, driver and loader so that it is easy for your security team to identify us. We request that we are allowed to park as close to the delivery location as possible due to the nature of our products. Inside your home, it is grateful if you can have all entryways and paths cleared - Quinn Peaks is not liable for any damages that occur during delivery and having any breakable items put away before delivery helps ensure that no damages occur.
  • Do you remove or disassemble old furniture
    Our staff are trained to handle products made by us and unfortunately we are therefore unable to disassemble and dispose off old furniture.
  • Will I have to sign for my delivery?
    Yes, you will be asked to sign a delivery form in which you confirm that the products were delivered without defect/damages
  • What is the refund/return policy
    In the rare instance that you are not happy with our product. We have a strict no-returns or exchange policy. Quinn Peaks sells brand new products only therefore we are not able to take back any items once delivered. Once your delivery is signed, we are not able to take back any items and cancellations can not be made for any reason.
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